A Continuing Christmas Tradition

Umm…it’s less than 4 weeks until Christmas and I have no plans for gifts and no decorating done. How is it that it took forever for Christmas to arrive as a child, but as an adult it sneaks up on me so quickly? I feel like I completely missed the month of November.

We don’t have many Christmas traditions that I can think of. We usually do some scripture reading along with a countdown calendar, but the method varies every year. We have a nice Christmas dinner, but the menu changes with my mood. Our moving around every couple of years and our distance from family has made our Christmas celebration different each year.One of the few traditions (passed down from my mom and dad) that we have continued is the annual “put up the tree” party. Usually we do it the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but…we’re running late this year. The plan is to have our party this weekend.

We take all the decorations out of storage (or whatever I have the energy to put up that year!) and spend most of the day grazing on snacks, listening to festive music, and decorating the tree.

The suppose the food is what makes this tradition. I make fruit and veggie trays, cheese and crackers, maybe some homemade pizza rolls, and a few treats. We normally drink water all the time, so we also like to have some fun drinks like sparkling juice and hot chocolate.

(This picture is from a couple of years ago and obviously missing all of the fruit and veggies…but you get the idea.)When I was younger, my parents used to let us drink out of the pretty stemware glasses. My kids can’t be trusted with stemware yet, but it may be a fun addition later.

The best part is watching the kids when we hand them plates and tell them they can eat whatever they want! It’s a 3 year old’s dream come true. They don’t care that it’s veggies—the dip makes it fun and different from the usual carrot sticks at lunch.

Remembering all of the delicious food is making me hungry. I guess that grazing on snacks all day long is a pregnant mom’s dream come true too!

On to the menu planing and shopping list making…we have some decorating to do this weekend!

What Christmas traditions have you all continued from your childhood?

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3 Responses to A Continuing Christmas Tradition

  1. Anne says:

    We usually spend an entire afternoon choosing a Christmas tree from the backyard, cutting it down, and then setting up the tree together and listening to Christmas Music. It’s a family tradition that didn’t come from either of my grandparents, but it works well for us. We also like to count down the days with various advent calendars (candles, cloth, felt, paper, wood, etc., depending on the year). We’ve also started a tradition of reading all of our old Christmas letters each night during advent – the younger ones love it when we read about their birth or an especially memorable event. It’s also a great way to remember how good God has been to us over the years.

    I love your idea of a Christmas tree decorating party!

    • Sara says:

      I love the idea of a real tree, but when we tried I ended up finding babies with pine needles in their mouths! Maybe when we everyone gets older. Reading the old Christmas letters is a great thought. We haven’t done letters, so it won’t work for us…but I suppose looking at past Christmas photos could also be fun!

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