A Little Fabric House

Last week we spent the day coloring a cardboard play castle and celebrating a 2 year old’s birthday! She requested homemade pizza for dinner and since I didn’t feel like making a cake, we put two candles in the dairy-free ice cream sandwiches that we had for dessert. As the 4th child in line, she doesn’t get a lot of new items. We have plenty of toys and clothes to pass down, but I wanted to do something special for her. I found a tutorial for a  little fabric house with a fold-out door and handles for carrying. I made the house along with a family of sisters and their pets. We will be taking a cross country road trip this summer and I thought it would also be a great travel toy.

Currently the dolls have a cat (partially sewed by my 5 year old) and large chicken, but I am planning to add a few more pets later on. She was thrilled with the house and I’m so glad that I came across the tutorial. She tries to play with the big girl dollhouse, but usually gets banished from the room for clumsily knocking down the meticulously arranged furniture. This is a toddler-friendly dollhouse that can be carried around and stuffed full of goodies. She even managed to carry it around with an armload of all of her “babies.” Hopefully it will be a successful distraction on the long car ride as well.

Now if only we could find the runaway chicken!

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