A Painted Dresser

In our last house, the girls had a very small room without space for a dresser. We kept their clothes in plastic bins in their closet. It worked while we were there, but with larger bedrooms for the kids now, they have a space to put their clothes in drawers.

Our home here is larger overall and currently has a few empty spaces. We have been hoping to fill some of the space with unique items from thrift stores instead of heading to the nearest furniture store to fill it up with things we don’t like and don’t want to pay for.

A few weeks ago, I stopped by a thrift store that was moving to a new location. All their furniture was 1/2 price, and I found an old dresser for only $17! It was solid and the drawers worked well-enough so I bought it knowing that some paint and new knobs would give it some new life.

The “before” pictures were after I had sanded it, but the finish was in bad shape before that. There were also some chips in the veneer which we considered filling, but in the end decided that the chips added character (in addition to saving us from yet another trip to the home improvement store).

If anyone is curious, the paint is a pre-mixed brand from Lowe’s called Pantone. The color is “Tea.” It’s a nice pale gray green which ended up being very neutral, but fun. We found the pretty knobs at Pier 1.  The girls are very excited about their new storage space and I always enjoy repurposing things that other people have discarded.

Not to over-spiritualize it, but I think that “giving something new life” (even if it’s just an old painted dresser) points back to God as the one who gives us new life through Christ. I think that’s why I find it satisfying. Jesus restores us to God, and when we restore things by our creative efforts and hard work, we are imitating our Creator. We are created in the image of God and it brings him glory to imitate him—even in small ways.

Praying that every time I “fix” something that is broken, give “new life” to a piece of furniture, or help “restore” a child into a right relationship with the Lord that I will also remember to praise the One who fixed my broken relationship with God, gave me new life, and restored me to God!

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2 Responses to A Painted Dresser

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Sara — love reading about your creative projects. You have a good eye for design and are great at making beautiful furniture/clothing out of simple things and steps. I like how you make time to exercise your God-given creativity, even in the middle of a pregnancy and move across the country. As you continue to invest in your home and in your children, I am sure that your heart will catch up to the contentment/patience/joy that you “know” in your head.