Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal {Simplify Breakfast}

Mornings can be a bit chaotic in a home with many small children. The choruses of hungry preschoolers that are apparently “starving” every morning can change a peaceful day into a frustrating one pretty quickly.

Banana chocolate chip oatmeal

At some point around 4 children, the cost of cereal for breakfast became ridiculous and we realized we could buy a 50 lb bag of rolled oats for about $35. We eat oatmeal about 5 days a week and it lasts for 2 months. That’s less than a dollar a day for the oats to feed 6 of us (with one not eating yet, and one already at work).

Not only is it cheaper and healthier than cereal, a breakfast routine keeps our mornings simple. Everyone knows what to expect and no one complains. A couple of days a week we break up the routine with eggs or pancakes (chocolate chip again…), but everyone is very thankful for a change on those days and they appreciate their meal more.

Oatmeal everyday can get boring though. 

We have a few favorite oatmeal mix-ins, but everyone’s favorite is the Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal sprinkled with hemp seeds for a protein boost. (Make sure you have high-quality chocolate chips that are made with mostly cocoa powder and not a bunch of filler ingredients.) We sweeten it with maple syrup and add a splash of coconut milk.

Some of my friends say their kids wake up asking for chocolate for breakfast. As long as normal their normal diet is filled with fresh fruits and veggies, why not give it to them once in a while?

And enjoy the cheers when everyone discovers their breakfast treat 🙂

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