A Baseball Game and Some Sun

We’ve been enjoying the recent sun and warmer weather.

The kids are spending hours outside, instead of minutes. They play family, make mud pies, and use trees for homes.

Last weekend, we had a chance to enjoy a baseball game in beautiful weather. It has been years since we have taken the kids out to do something like this. So many babies and a tired momma has made it difficult to go to events like this. I’m finally starting to feel up to the challenge again, and it has been a really nice change.

Baseball Flag | One Radiant Home

Look at the Parachutes | One Radiant Home

What does she see? Well, a group of military veterans parachuted out of a plane as it flew over! They each landed on the field, trying to hit their target landing pad. Four out of the Six hit the target exactly! Very impressive!

Veteran Parachute Team | One Radiant Home

Baby and Baseball | One Radiant Home

At the Game | One Radiant Home

And a “selfie”… since I firmly believe my kids will want me in the pictures someday, whether I have make-up on or not.

Baseball selfie | One Radiant Home

We recently bought a youth-sized football for the kids (mostly for Kyle). Shawn spent some time teaching them how to use the grip properly and they passed the ball around for a while. We also played a family game with Mom and Dad as team captains (Shawn won, since I can’t get past him!). Then we played kids against parents, which we won, of course. It won’t be long before they can beat us though!

Football Grip Lesson | One Radiant Home

Ready to Throw | One Radiant Home

Getting a Grip | One Radiant Home

Girls can Throw | One Radiant Home

Football Toss | One Radiant Home

Happy Football | One Radiant Home

The rest of the pictures are just playing outside pictures. The little kids wanted me to keep taking pictures of their “treasures”. So quite a few are little sticks and flowers, hopefully taken with an artistic eye.

Look at my Stick | One Radiant Home

Pinecone Treasure | One Radiant Home

Look at this stick | One Radiant Home

Purple Flower Treasure | One Radiant Home

Making Mud Pies | One Radiant Home

Big Boy | One Radiant Home

Stick and String | One Radiant Home

And another “selfie”, because Lydia made me a beautiful grass headband…

Grass headbands | One Radiant Home

And just a quick update, for those that have asked…we are still praying about and hoping to move to England. The complicated immigration rules have pushed out our time frame, but please continue to pray that the Lord will provide work here for us and eventually work in the UK in His time.

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One Response to A Baseball Game and Some Sun

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Great pictures, Sara! Graham said to tell Shawn that he should come to New York and try out for Buffalo’s quarterback since they haven’t had a good one in 20 years. 🙂