Botany Notebooks

We have started a new school year and are excited about some of the changes! Last year we studied birds and insects with Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the 5th Day elementary science book. We loved the book (even the little ones) and are looking forward to our study of plants this year with  Exploring Creation with Botany.



The books have supplemental workbooks, but I found that we didn’t use our workbook last year as much as I had expected. This year we decided to make our own notebooks to record and draw what we have learned and observed. We have a great book called Keeping a Nature Journal that I plan to use for more ideas on how to fill our books.



Today we decorated the covers of our sketchbooks with home and garden magazine clippings.  I helped the children to lay out their pictures and fill their space completely. The older kids did quite a bit of theirs and the little kids chose which pictures they wanted and helped stick a few on. I hope they will be excited to fill their blank pages with drawings and lists as we learn about different plant life this year.


We also have plans for a garden in the spring, which we hope will produce some delicious food, in addition to being a fun botany project!



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