Change of Season

Summer is winding down around here. The days have turned cooler, but only just enough to keep the windows open in the morning and evening to enjoy the light breeze. The children are looking forward to playing outside and complaining less about the mosquitos and humidity. We have enjoyed a couple of outdoor lunches on the slightly cooler days, and yesterday Shawn and I even played outside with the kids for a couple of hours, running races around the house and taking orders from the captain of a pirate ship.

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I am finding rest in a regular routine as we settle back into school. Consistency and well-defined expectations provide some stability for the children as well. Oatmeal for breakfast, quiet time around the table while the older kids work on math and phonics and the younger ones draw or do puzzles. A short break and then reading together on the couch while the little ones run around and pull books off the shelves and scatter toys all over the room (which they would be doing anyway).

I have discovered some new skills and abilities that the children gained over the summer months as I have had more focused time with them this week. Though our scissor skills worksheets ended in confetti littering the kitchen floor, I learned that I should have bought left-handed scissors for my first lefty. The second left-handed child can cut zig-zags and curves with no trouble! He also went from scribbling to drawing detailed castles and battle scenes within a few weeks. I see an ability to focus on tasks that wasn’t there before and I’m hearing questions that prove he is listening more carefully than I expected. I am encouraged by growth in the other children as well.

We looked forward to our summer break and did enjoy it (especially our two week excursion to visit family in NY and PA), but I think that sometimes being away from the routine can be equally, if not more, exhausting. Changes in season are refreshing to the body and the soul.

We are transitioning out of a somewhat difficult season—one of waiting and wondering. We are beginning to see signs of seasons changing in our lives as well. We know with certainty that a career change and most likely a move are coming up in the next year. There is work to be done and more waiting on the Lord for clarity, but no matter where he leads I believe the change will bring refreshment to our souls just as Autumn has brought refreshment to our daily lives.

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One Response to Change of Season

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I love reading your posts, Sara. We pray for a wonderful year of schooling your children at home. May you all be blessed as you, in turn, are a blessing to others.