Christmas Cookies

For several years I have made Christmas cookies or treats for the neighbors and found that it is a great way to meet the neighbors that tend to hide out in their houses and to visit with the ones we know.

I usually attach a card with scripture related to the birth of Jesus. I have had several previous neighbors ask where we attend church or other related questions, which provides a great starting point for sharing the gospel with them in later conversations.

mixing Christmas cookiesChristmas Cookie Gift

While browsing for cookie recipes earlier this week, I found an idea from Country Living (via Pinterest) to use rubber stamps on the cookies.

I tried some of the more detailed Christmas stamps I had, but all of the detail was lost after baking. The simple star stamp worked best.

I also recommend dipping the stamp in flour occasionally to keep it from tearing the dough.

The plain sugar cookies were a bit boring and flavorless, so I dipped them in chocolate sauce and then coconut. After a couple of trial cookies, I found they tasted best if they were sprinkled with sugar before baking too.

Star Stamped CookiesStar Stamped CookiesStar Cookie CuttingStar Sugar CookiesMaking Chocolate SauceChocolate Coconut Sugar CookiesCookie MessEmpty Cookie DoughPlanning to deliver our cookies and meet some of the neighbors tonight!

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