Eggs, Dirt, and Fun

We don’t get out much (the amount of effort required to get out the door right now doesn’t usually seem worth it), so most of my photos end up being nature around the yard and pictures of the kids playing. Here are some of the latest:

rc car outsideFinally got some batteries back in this car for him. He hasn’t put it away for 2 days!

water bucketCarrying water down to the woods to do some play cooking.

peanut butter sandwich in the backyardLunch outside on a day that it was finally cool enough to tolerate the noon heat.

fawn by the gardenA little fawn I caught running through the yard, looking for a way into the garden.

cucumber A few veggies are finally ready for harvest! We have a decent number of cucumbers, a few squashes, and possibly the start of a pumpkin.

sageA little pot of fresh sage. I’ve really enjoyed cooking with the fresh herbs and will continue to grow them even if we have a smaller yard or patio one day.

squirrel peeking through windowA little squirrel that was cleaning up the crumbs after our picnic outside.

one dozen fresh eggsLots of pretty little brown eggs.

dust bathing chickensThe chickens enjoy cooling off in the shade and dry dirt (compared to the mud in their coop, where it never seems to dry).

sitting on the fenceSitting on the garden fence.

babyAnd a happy smiling baby, for the grandparents, aunts, and uncles that are missing him.

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