A Few More England Pictures

I had a few pictures of England from the more “tourist-y” days we spent there that I wanted to share.

Darlington Station | One Radiant Home

This is Darlington Station, the day we took a train from there to London on our way back home.

York Minster | One Radiant Home

We walked around York one day and stepped into York Minster Cathedral. It is one of the largest in North England.

Flower Market York | One Radiant Home

I snapped this photo of a flower market in York while we were waiting for some others to meet up with us.

London Eye Dusk | England Pictures | One Radiant Home

We had a few short hours after the train ride to walk around London. Here’s the London Eye in the typical cloudy and wet weather. I started to brighten it up in Photoshop, but it looked too sunny and bright compared to the actual conditions.

Darlington Station Clock | One Radiant Home

There’s something beautiful about the architectural details of the train station roof and the old clock in Darlington Station.

Veggie Market York | One Radiant Home

We walked by a few of these produce stands in York.

York Minster Architectural Details | One Radiant Home

I loved the beautiful, detailed architecture at York Minster Cathedral. We were in awe of the work they were able to complete without modern machinery.

Praying we can return as a family soon!

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