Fruitful Mothering

Mothering many small children is a great challenge. There is always something needing my attention and I often feel that I just go about my day reacting to life but never really getting much accomplished.

I want my days to be worthwhile—fruitful for the Lord—both in the practical things like laundry and in the spiritual things like scripture memory. I want my days to be full of endeavors that bring glory to God and that point my children and the others around us to the grace of Jesus in our lives. I want my children to see the fruit of God’s love in my life, not the frustration that comes with trying to do it all on my own.

This morning God reminded me that my first priority is him. The fruitfulness I desire in my life comes only through my dependence on him for nourishment, strength, creativity, and love. God alone deserves the credit for any good work that is evident in my life, and I must put my hope fully on his grace.

God often uses Charles Spurgeon’s writings to speak truth into my life. This morning I was struck by this beautiful picture of my union with Christ and my total dependence on him for life.

“Our fruitfulness comes from God as to our union. The fruit of the branch is directly traceable to the root. Sever the connection, the branch dies, and no fruit is produced. By virtue of our union with Christ we bring forth fruit.

Every bunch of grapes has been first in the root, it has passed through the stem, and flowed through the sap vessels, and fashioned itself externally into fruit, but it was first in the stem; so also every good work was first in Christ, and then is brought forth in us.

O Christian, prize this precious union with Christ; for it must be the source of all fruitfulness which you can hope to know. If you were not joined to Jesus Christ, you will be a barren bough indeed.” (Morning and Evening, Sept. 8m)

Whether it be making dinner, loving my family, organizing my house, or caring for neighbors—I am fully dependent on Jesus for any good work accomplished through me. I must be in constant communication with him, depending on him to bring forth good fruit in my life.

Praying today that I will fully depend on Christ as my source of fruitfulness, relying on his grace to provide me with strength, usefulness, and virtue. 

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2 Responses to Fruitful Mothering

  1. Mariah Goeting says:

    Thank you for sharing Sara, this is something I needed to be reminded of and encouraged with this morning! We love you guys and miss you! Shiloah was just talking about you guys the other day, they miss playing with their friends. 😀

    • Sara says:

      I didn’t realize how much I needed it myself until I read Spurgeon. He has a way of cutting right to the heart. We miss you too. The kids just pretend to play with your kids since they aren’t here, but they definitely miss them. Also, I have about a dozen pictures and letters I am supposed to send to Shiloah. I’ll get to it one day 🙂