In Which We Discover That We Have a Rooster

For those following our little backyard chicken adventures…

The post title obviously gives this one away, but we have discovered that our Delaware chicken (the white one) is most definitely a rooster. See how they are all about the same size here? Chickens in the CoopLook at what has happened in the last couple of weeks! He’s two heads taller than all the rest and struts around like he owns the place. And check out that comb!Frank the Rooster

About a week ago, Shawn mentioned that he’d heard crowing from the general direction of our coop. I blamed it on the neighbor’s rooster (surely the farmers that sold us these chickens could tell the difference…right?). But after observing them for a few minutes later that day, I was also convinced. Yesterday, he was practicing his crowing mid-morning when we left to run errands. No doubt about it…”she” has been renamed Frank.

It explains his aggressive behavior when we feed them. He’s always the first to the food. It also explains why the ladies aggressively plucked out his tail feathers. I felt really bad for him at the time, but now I’m guessing he might have been picking on them too.

Now to figure out what to do with him…If it were just Shawn and I, we’d probably eat him (the kids would probably cry). We could keep him, but he eats a lot and bothers the hens (and us, since we don’t wake up with the sun). The farm may be willing to trade him, but the effort required to do that may not be worth the drive.

So, we have a rooster (it only took 3 months to figure it out!) and we have to decide what to do with him.

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