In Which We Find Our First Egg

Saturday afternoon, as I was preparing all of our snack foods for our annual tree decorating party, Kyle came running inside yelling, “I found a treasure! There’s an egg.”

He had decided to leave it where it was, so I slipped on my shoes and followed him out to the coop. Sure enough, a nice clean brown egg was waiting for us in the laying box!

The chickens are just 6 months old (the usual time for them to start laying), but with the long hours of darkness and cold weather we really weren’t expecting eggs so soon.Of course, we decided to eat it right away. I cracked it open to find the lovely deep golden yolk we were hoping for. One egg, split seven ways doesn’t go very far, but everyone got to taste one bite. The biggest difference we noticed is that it didn’t taste “egg-y,” if that makes sense.Yesterday, we found one more egg and we are hoping that we’ll be finding more soon as the other chickens start laying!

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