A Little Bit of Sun…

I always take more pictures when the weather is nice. We had a little bit of sun and warm weather here after the snow and ice a couple of weeks ago.

Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

Straight that Way | One Radiant Home

She was aiming down the hill, trying to avoid all of the brothers and sisters wandering around the yard at the bottom. Her aim was good, and she successfully navigated through the obstacles.

Tough Guy in a Helmet | One Radiant Home

I’m not entirely sure what he was…but this is armor of some kind. And seems to be pretty water resistant as well.

Gardening in a Dress | One Radiant Home

This little cutie is always digging in dirt and playing with the hose…in a dress. That’s what happens when girls are sandwiched in between lots of brothers.

Swinging Baby Brother | One Radiant Home

Swinging the baby—who’s not really a baby anymore! He turned 1 just a couple weeks ago.

Uprooted Tree | One Radiant Home

We had a bunch of ice everywhere when we left on a short trip to Pennsylvania for a wedding. We came back to this…

Happy in the Sun | One Radiant Home

Just enjoying the sun.

Handful of Flowers | One Radiant Home

The kids like to collect all of the flowers that have fallen off the bush. The color is beautiful, and since most of the yard is brown and dirty, I like taking pictures of the bright pink.

Baby Boy in a Swing | One Radiant Home

He was trying to catch me…

Ready to Ride | One Radiant Home

The lighting was just right here. I love how this one turned out.

Happy to Be Outside | One Radiant Home

This little guy is always excited to go outside. He just needs help with his shoes. If I don’t catch him in time, he usually ends up out there barefoot.

Blooming Daffodils | One Radiant Home

The flowers are blooming again. Spring is (hopefully) here!

Uprooted Tree | One Radiant Home

Another view of the tree roots. This was the worst damage in yard, but many of the neighbors and friends in surrounding cities have similar damage.

Silly climber | One Radiant Home

And my silly boy enjoying the day!

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2 Responses to A Little Bit of Sun…

  1. Renee Queeen says:

    I want daffodils, too! I was so desperate to grow something I planted kale last week because I know it is something the next snow would not kill! And there was a “next snow.” Uncle David and I love the pictures of the kids and England. Noah thought the railway station pictures were from a museum. We said,” Nope. A real place.”