Losing Heat, Gaining Joy

Two days without heat in freezing weather, while we wait for a new furnace part to arrive.

We are certainly thankful for a couple of electric space heaters on loan from friends.
Draw together by the little heat -giving devices, we have been spending more time together—gathering around the small appliances to warm our toes, hang out, and read together. I like it…

Losing Heat Gaining Joy | One Radiant Home

We have known since we moved into this house that it had more space than we needed. In many ways, the space is a blessing, allowing us to have give guests plenty of space and extra rooms. But often the children run off to play in different corners of the house where I can barely hear them as I go about my daily homekeeping and creative work.

Though I enjoy time spent in quiet, these two days I have realized that I miss them. It seems strange to say that about the little people I spend all day with, but we rarely slow down and enjoy each other the way we have in this cold; gathering together without an agenda. I wonder if they feel the same way.

A home is place meant to live in community and gather as a family. When it is so big that everyone can wander off to their own corner (or if everyone is so busy they never slow down), we miss the joy of each other’s presence. Sure, the space and quiet are nice for refreshment and renewal, but home is a gathering place meant to nourish our little family communities.

Just and observation (and probably a bit cliché)…

We are cold, but my heart is warmed seeing my children huddled around the vintage space heater, warming their toes, chatting, knitting, reading, and enjoying one another’s company.

losing heat gaining joy | One Radiant Home

And next time we move—a smaller house…

Linking to Lydia’s “Mindful Mothering Mondays“…

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