Look at our cute cow! Ok, it’s not ours…but they live on the other side of the fence in our backyard. The little ones are curious and seem to enjoy watching the children play. Sometimes, I’m sure the cows are watching them with as much interest as we are watching them.

Recently, a Baby Cow | One Radiant Home

Recently, a Baby Cow | One Radiant Home

A few weeks ago, we had a fun family day at the zoo. This is the best we can do getting 6 kids to look at the camera when they are excited to keep moving.

Recently, at the Zoo |One Radiant Home

Recently at the Zoo | One Radiant Home

The binoculars didn’t work, but my zoom lens did! This is what they were trying to see…

Recently, at the Zoo | One Radiant Home

The kids have spent many hours outside enjoying the cooler weather. They’ve taken the opportunity to eat their lunch outside several times. This little cutie has gotten big enough to join the big kids.

My favorite is when he plays tag and racing games with them. He runs his fastest, giggling all the way, with no idea that he’s not actually playing.

Recently, We ate Outside | One Radiant Home

We are enjoying all of the crunchy leaves and acorns. I think the kids miss the acorns in our old yard. Whenever we go to a park, they start filling their pockets with acorns to take home. They like to use them for “food” when they play in the backyard.

Recently, there were Acorns | One Radiant Home

Last night, we were talking about how much the kids play outside compared to the other kids in the neighborhood. (I rarely see other kids outside, except for the immediate neighbors that are friends with the kids.) Why? Because I read this once…and took it to heart.

Children should never be within doors, when they can rightly be withoutCharlotte Mason.

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