Recycled Magazine Painting

I came across a great idea for recycling magazine pages several months ago. I pinned it, planning to try it eventually, and I finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago.

I’m always hesitant to post creative projects, even though I make things nearly everyday. It’s difficult to put things out there as a way to inspire creativity in others without giving the impression that I want to draw attention to myself.

I also do not want to contribute to making other mothers feel guilty because they aren’t crafty. It’s hard enough to be a mom without the added pressure of beautiful Pinterest projects and magazine style home decor invading our daily lives and making us feel inadequate.

I just read this article by Emily Freeman (who I recently discovered has a book about art that will be available soon) on Ann Voskamp’s blog. She said:

“What if the art you make and live is a daily grace God has in mind for someone else?”

I make things because I love making things. It is restful, stress-relieving, and worshipful—creating reminds us that we are made in the image of our Creator God. And I want to share to inspire and encourage other people to appreciate the beauty and creativity God has placed in the world to point to Him.

I make things, but my house is usually messy, laundry isn’t folded, and my garden didn’t produce much of anything…just for some perspective. When you prioritize one thing, other things don’t always get done.

So…the basic idea is that you tape several magazine pages together, then stitch a swirled pattern all over it with a sewing machine, and use it as a painting canvas. I didn’t have any double-sided tape on hand, so I used glue stick and waited for it to dry before sewing. I also did not use gesso (which she recommended) because I didn’t have any.

I left the magazine page “canvas” out (away from the kids) and added layers of paint to it when I had a few minutes. It was abstract at first, but I started to see a landscape emerge and went with it.

mixed media scripture art

The mountains reminded me of a verse in one of my favorite hymns, “Joyful, Joyful,” so I painted the words in the corner.

joyful joyful painting Here’s a close-up, so you can see the texture of the stitching under the paint.

recycled magazine paintingI had a lot of fun playing with paint (normally I stick to sewing and fabric related things), which has inspired me to try painting some other things. The recycled magazine page project was successful and I will probably make some more for the kids when I get a chance.

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2 Responses to Recycled Magazine Painting

  1. Vicky Myers says:

    Thanks for sharing the link Sara, I love the texture of the stitching showing through:)
    I appreciate your comments about creativity and your relationship with God. Years ago I studied at art college and wrestled spiritually about how being at art college was serving. Thankfully those struggles are not fully resolved but quiet – I have found my way to be be creative, after all creativity was given to me by God, without feeling selfish. Housework is not my priority either:)!!

    • Sara says:

      Thank you Vicky! Oh, I definitely think that the Bible has a lot to say about art, beauty, and creativity. It’s something that is often overlooked though. I’ve looked for books on the topic, but they are few and far between. Emily Freeman has a book ” A Million Little Ways” that I want to read. I’m also reading book by Sally Clarkson called “Own Your Life” that is excellent. I’ve read some of her other books as well, and she has a strong theme of beauty and creativity and how they relate to your faith throughout her books.