Settling In

About a month ago we left our home in the Pacific NW to move back to the Southeast. We spent 6 full days driving in our overloaded minivan and stopped for a couple of short visits with friends and family along the way. We enjoyed some time with Shawn’s family before leaving the NW and stopped to visit my parents and siblings for a few days along the way.

Throughout our driving, we were constantly reminded of the Lord’s beauty and creativity  reflected in the surrounding landscapes—from the towering evergreens to the rock formations and the vast undisturbed cattle ranches to the rolling green farmland—all pointing to the glory of God.

We also stopped in Alabama to visit some friends and enjoyed our stay at their small family farm. The children had fun collecting eggs, touring the gardens, helping with the baking, and playing on the trampoline.

The Lord has provided a house for us here through a connection with a local church. We had worked out a temporary arrangement with the family before arriving but quickly decided to stay here more permanently. There were truly no other options even worth looking at and we are very thankful to see God’s provision for us in this home. We have plenty of space for our growing family and for guests as well as a large yard with a fenced garden area and chicken coop. The neighbors have been very welcoming and helpful and we look forward to spending more time with them.

We had quite an interesting moving day. The movers managed to bring about two pick-up truck loads of extra furniture and boxes which belonged to at least three other families. We spent the couple of hours eager to learn if all of our items had made the trip and thankfully we only had one small furniture item unaccounted for.

We are currently working on organizing the house and making plans for the garden and chickens. Shawn has been getting his new office organized and is looking forward to his new teaching job. We are praying that God will lead us to the right church and praying that he will use our family to share Jesus with the people he has placed in our lives here.

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2 Responses to Settling In

  1. How do you have time for posting?!! We loved seeing picture of you all on the Sanders blog. Can’t wait for our turn to see you all! Do you know about the NCFIC conference at Ridgecrest, White Unto Harvest, coming up in October? Just thought you might be interested.
    Thanks for keeping us posted and we are all looking forward to seeing your family soon!!

    • Sara says:

      Writing helps me organize my thoughts, so I try to make time for it 🙂
      We do know about the conference and would LOVE to go, however, Shawn is teaching classes and has a class that Friday that he will not be able to escape. And I think it’s a little bit too far to drive out for the day. Someday we will be able to take time off when we want to…