Sewing and Salvaging


Sometimes my sewing projects don’t end up going as planned. (Actually, this happens to me often!) Over the years, I have learned to make the best of my mistakes and still end up with usable clothing even if it wasn’t what I originally envisioned. Sometimes the mistakes and experiments yield even better results than my plans.

The pink top is made with fabric from a shirt that I was attempting to sew for myself. After a serger mishap (the second one in two weeks!), I salvaged some of the fabric, traced around a tank we already owned, and ended up with this cute summer top.

The farm style dress was made almost entirely from free fabric from a rummage sale.  I experimented drafting my own pattern, reasoning that if it didn’t work out then I wasn’t wasting any money. Thankfully, it turned out well (with a little bit of growing room) and I learned some things about pattern making that I can use in the future.

The third project is a sleeveless blouse that I made for myself. I used some of this fabric a couple of weeks ago to make a short-sleeved shirt for myself. As I was serging around the bottom edge to hem it up and finish it off, the serger sucked another layer of fabric under the cutting blade and chopped a big hole right in the back! (As though the serger has a mind of it’s own…) I tried patching it, but the hole was still very obvious. I managed to squeeze the sleeveless top out of the leftover scraps from the first attempt, and it turns out that I like it better anyway!

Mistakes are part of sewing, but with a little creative thinking most mistakes can be turned into something usable and even beautiful!

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