Sneaky Seed

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Our garden is still growing. It seems the tomatoes have been happier in the cooler weather. We don’t have enough for canning right now, but we’ve had a steady supply available for pasta dishes and Mexican style food.

We have one vine that has continued to grow to a length of about 8 ft. with large 10-12 in. leaves. I carefully labeled my seeds in their starter box, but a huge rainstorm flooded my seeds and left them swimming around. They settled back in the soil and several took root. Most ended up being cucumbers, but I had also planted zucchini. This large vine looked a bit different from the cucumbers, so I assumed it must be the zucchini. Up until last week though, it hadn’t produced any fruit.

This week, the plant started growing a fat green bulge but I started doubting that it was a zucchini. I thought maybe a watermelon seed had managed to “float” over into the seed box from another pot in the rainstorm. Then Shawn suggested that it might be a pumpkin. Sure enough, I remember planting on 3 yr. old pumpkin seed from a friend. One little seed that I never expected to grow. If I remember correctly, it’s a variety called a “cinderella pumpkin”. That sneaky seed managed to go unnoticed for months as it continued to grow and blend in with the cucumbers. Then all of a sudden it took over the garden!

green cinderella pumpkinfull moon through branches

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