Summer Outside

We’ve been hoping to spend more of our summer outside. After 3 years in the Pacific NW, we are thankful for some sun and heat. (Just not too much heat—we’re still Northerners after all!)

We have been finding some interesting wildlife around our house. This a Robin Moth, Cecropia. It’s the largest species of moth in North America, and it clung to the brick outside our front door for nearly an hour.

Robin Moth Wing (Cecropia)Robin Moth (Cecropia)The boys also found this Eastern Box Turtle out in the wooded area behind our house. This kind of turtle is relatively safe to handle but they don’t thrive away from their normal habitat, so we left it alone and enjoyed watching it from a distance.

Eastern box turtleAnd our container gardening is going very well. We just need to figure out how to keep them from getting eaten by pests after we transplant them into the garden area. Cucumber growth comparisoncucumber tray growth We also went strawberry picking at a local farm. This little sign was such a helpful visual tool for the children. strawberry picking ripeWe managed to pick about 25 lbs. in an hour. We froze about 5 gallon bags worth, made 5 jars of strawberry syrup, and ate as many fresh ones as we could finish. strawberry picking sign strawberry pickingThis one took strawberry picking VERY seriously, and may have picked more than anyone else in the family. I only wish I could keep him this busy and focused on everything else!strawberry picking serious strawberry pickingfamily strawberry pickingThis was a rustic (rusty?) metal chicken sculpture at the strawberry farm.
rusted metal chicken artAnd finally, our neighbor invited us over to pick cherries from his yard. Can’t get more local than that! We made a delicious berry crumble for some dinner guests with the cherries and strawberries. neighborhood cherry picking

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