Summer So Far

We have moved into our new house and are settling in. It’s a little bit surreal to own a house with plans to stay indefinitely. I’ve been avoiding writing anything about this because I know many of you might be wondering what happened with our plans for ministry in England. It’s a long story…another whole post. For now I’ll just say, after months of unsuccessful job hunting, prayer, and seeking the Lord, it seemed good to stay where we are. The Lord has shown us a future for our family here and we are following with small steps as we wait to see his plan unfold.

Queen Anne's Lace | One Radiant Home

So, we bought a house. It’s the 2nd house we’ve owned, but the first we’ve owned and planned to keep for more than a couple of years. After a year of renting in a subdivision neighborhood, we are thankful to have a property that allows the older children to run and play freely. I’m also thankful to have a place where I am free to decorate and change things without asking for permission. It’s wonderful to have that freedom after years of renting.

Digging in the Dirt | One Radiant Home

K with a 4 leaf clover | One Radiant Home

L with Queen Anne's Lace | One Radiant Home

J peeking | One Radiant Home

We were able to close on the house before our lease was up on the rental house. During the 3 weeks of overlap, we spent some time painting and working on some other updates around the house before our stuff was moved. A couple days after we moved in, we also had some work done on the driveway by a friend of ours that has a concrete business. The kids were entertained for hours watching the men pour and spread the concrete sidewalk and watching the tractor spread gravel.

Watching the Concrete Workers | One Radiant Home

Pouring the Concrete Sidewalk | One Radiant Home

Our neighbors are family from our church with children ranging from teens to baby. Everyone has someone to play with. I haven’t really seen my big kids in a couple of weeks! They disappear into the woods to play after lunch, stop in for drinks every now and then, and show up at dinner time. Their favorite day so far was the day we had heavy rain causing flash floods. Who needs a pool when you have a temporary pond in the yard? I barely snapped a picture of the boys as they were running by!

Playing in the Mud | One Radiant Home

The previous owners had a wonderful raised bed garden setup. We helped them plant before closing, and now we are enjoying buckets of blackberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more zucchini than we can eat. We also have several cantaloupes growing and are anxiously waiting to try them!

Blackberries | One Radiant Home

Garden Harvest | One Radiant Home

Blackberry Cobbler | One Radiant Home

And finally, a few photos of the kids…

C and the Kids | One Radiant Home

The Kids | One Radiant Home

Brothers | One Radiant Home

J 5th birthday | One Radiant Home

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2 Responses to Summer So Far

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Thank you for the update. Congratulations on your new home and your pictures are stunning as usual! God Bless you as you, in turn, become a blessing to your neighbours.
    Graham & Jacqueline xo

    • Sara says:

      Thanks Jacqueline! I so appreciate the compliments on my photos coming from a professional photographer. Since I have learned everything on my own, sometimes I doubt my own abilities. Our neighbors have been a huge blessing to us already. I hope we can return the love and generosity they’ve already shown us!