Thankful for a Park

Today I am thankful for lovely park near our home. In my search for a place to play on nice days, I managed to overlook the park that is less than 3 miles away. They advertised their bike trails and nature walks, but with no mention of the playground I kept looking for something else. A new friend assured me there was a nice play area there, so on this beautiful sunny day we packed a picnic lunch and went to check it out.

The playground was nice, but there were also two picnic shelters, a large open field, an easy paved nature trail, and bathroom very close by. (Moms with lots of little ones will appreciate my thankfulness for this—no packing everyone up and making them walk 1/4 of a mile for the one who forgot to go before we left home!)

After lunch at a sunny picnic table and some playtime, we decided to walk around the wooded trail. The little ones stopped to explore all of the crunching leaves and rocks, while the bigger kids had freedom to run ahead safely.

It was a little rough getting out the door at lunchtime with no planning ahead, but I am thankful that we found a place we can look forward to visiting again! And I am grateful God uses little things to encourage me and the children as we are still adjusting to our new home!

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