The Screen Printing Experiment

Several weeks ago I saw some beautiful hand-printed fabrics while I was browsing online. I thought it would be fun to design and print my own fabric at home, so I have been busy sketching, learning some basic graphic design, and experimenting with the screens and ink.

I plan to to use a photo emulsion to expose the screens more permanently, but these prints were made using a stencil which I cut from paper and taped to the screen. I wasn’t sure how well the screen would print fine lines and I wanted to test the ink and other tools. I was pleased to find out that I can print finer lines than I expected—even as thin as a pen line—so I can convert some of my more detailed sketches into prints.

I have many ideas, but getting them down on paper (or the computer screen) is challenging without any formal art and design training. But I love the challenge of learning something new and hope that I will be able to translate the ideas into reality with some training and practice. I hope to share some details of the exposure process in the next few weeks.

Check out more of the process here.

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2 Responses to The Screen Printing Experiment

  1. jayme says:

    They look great!!

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