Thinking Much (but not Out Loud)

I know I’ve been pretty quiet over here. It kind of drives me crazy when other people apologize for not blogging. Does anyone even notice?

I regularly post on my sewing blog, but writing about real life is much harder. I mean, I sew a lot…so that’s a big part of my life. But there is always so much more going on.

We are still in transition. I seems like it’s been that way for a few years actually. Maybe all of life is like that—moving on from one thing to the next. I guess I just like the action parts. Sharing the ups and downs of our daily life and discussions might be helpful to me, but I think it would just confuse everyone else. So I’ve spent a lot more time thinking through our plans and the upcoming changes, but not sharing them publicly.

We are slowly sorting through our stuff, trying to pare down for another move. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulated when I stopped dropping off a bag at Goodwill every couple of weeks. At our last house, Goodwill was conveniently located right next to the grocery store. Here it is not, so the bags have piled up…

Right now, we are only planning a local move. Our rental term is up and we will be moving to another rental. But our hearts are in England and the new church there. We long to be a part of the work God is doing and are waiting for the Lord to work out the many, many details.

Watching the Elephants | One Radiant Home

The kids are growing! I will have 3 officially in school next fall. I actually have a 4th grader! What?! I remember 4th grade very clearly. There was a huge step up in the amount of work and expectations that year. Writing went from sentences to pages. I started playing the flute, participated in band, and sang in the chorus. We studied early American history and looked forward to “Pioneer Day” when we came in costume and did related activities all day. I can’t believe Kyle is that old.

Sun in her Eyes | One Radiant Home

Lydia loves crafts. Probably no surprise there, since she watches me making stuff all the time. Her sewing skills are quite good for her age. She loves giving gifts to other people, and is planning to make a dress for Jerusha’s birthday.

Kids Sewing Project |One Radiant Home

Handmade Felt Mice| One Radiant Home

Owen is a deep thinker. We always thought he seemed very serious as a baby. He tends to go off and build things or draw things. His drawings are very detailed and accurate, and the contraptions he builds usually show a lot of thought and detail as well. Next project: learning to read.

Elephant | One Radiant Home

Jerusha and Jonathan are always busy and usually getting each other in trouble having lots of fun. I often find cups of water that they have been dumping back and forth, leaving puddles in random places for the rest of us to step in. But they are both sweet, happy children that love other people.

A couple a weeks ago at Target a group of 4 or 5 rough looking men walked by. I started to walk a different direction when Jonathan called out “Hi guys!” All of their faces softened and their eyes lit up. They smiled and waved back. And I felt silly for judging them based on their appearance. My little J’s don’t seem to notice those things. They just love people.

We recently took a trip to the zoo (thus the elephant pictures) when I realized that neither of them remembered going regularly when we had a zoo membership at our last home. It’s crazy that the last two years here are all they remember of their lives.

Charlie is experimenting with walking, but he’s still much faster crawling and prefers speed. He looks like a giant sprawled out in his pack ‘n’ play bed, and is nearly off the charts in height.

So, life is moving along and we are waiting for more direction. We are trusting the Lord and his timing and trying to prepare for whatever will be coming.

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