This Week

Just a few pictures from this week. I realized that I may be a bit too enthusiastic about food pictures…

holding the babydoing baby puzzlesyelling at chickens

He was yelling at the chicken, afraid that it might bite his toes. (It wouldn’t be the first time!)

ergo baby carrierroasted potatoes with fresh herbsbackyard eggssmall egg yolk

This might be the smallest egg we have ever cracked open. The yolk was the size of a grape.

salmon patties tabbouleh saladpainting on glass

Painting in a glass studio at the children’s museum. We’ve been to several great children’s museums, but have never seen anything quite like this. They even had a power sprayer hanging from the ceiling and a drain in the middle of the floor for easy clean up.

squirrel stealing foodAnd I caught this little guy nibbling on our greens. He seemed to like the rainbow chard stems most.


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One Response to This Week

  1. jessica arney says:

    Always love the updates 🙂 I really love the ones of your little ones living life!