We Have Chickens!

Last week we finally picked up the chickens we have been talking about getting for the past two years! God provided a home for us here with chicken coop in the backyard, and after a couple of minor repairs it was ready for the new hens.

We decided that it would be best to buy chickens that were ready to lay because baby chicks require more care and attention at first and we lack experience with them. We searched around the area and found some chickens that were about 4 months old. They aren’t quite ready to lay eggs yet, but they are old enough to live out in the coop without any extra care.

We have 2 Black Wyandottes, 1 Laced Wyandotte, 1 Delaware, and 2 Red Sex-Linked (named because they are bred so that the females have red feathers and the males have white feathers).

They were very afraid of us at first, but in just a week they have learned to crowd around the door when they see us coming with food. They eat kitchen scraps, bugs, and organic feed. They all go crazy when a cricket hops through the coop and they also love the weeds that are growing in abundance in the backyard.

We originally wanted chickens for the eggs but we have found that they add a lot of fun to our lives as well. They are amusing to watch and help us to see more of God’s creativity in his unique design of these crazy little birds.


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