Winter Beach Fun

We recently had the opportunity to visit some long-time friends at a lovely beach house in Holden Beach, NC.

Holden Beach Sunset Holden Beach IMG_8852

Though I have never considered a beach trip in the winter, it turned out to be a great time to go—too cold for swimming, but perfect for building enormous sand cities, riding bikes, and flying kites. Plus, we were able to enjoy the beauty of the coast without the immodest dress of typical beach-goers everywhere in sight.

Playing in the sandDigging a holeHelping to build a sand citySearching for sea shells

You should see a large family of teenagers and young adults working to build sand structures with a common goal in mind! They had some pretty massive structures put together in a matter of 20 minutes. (The one below was smaller than some of the others because it was getting dark…)Sand cityIMG_8890

Our friends also brought a co-pilot bike trailer which allowed our inexperienced bike rider to enjoy long bike rides with the bigger kids. She loved being able to go so fast!Co-pilot bike trailerWe saw some interesting wildlife, particularly birds, including this Blue Heron (who seemed to prefer standing on one leg). Blue Heron on one leg

And we rang in the New Year quietly tucked in to bed…as has been our tradition for many years now…Beach at dusk

For info on Holden Beach (and tons of other adventurous family vacation ideas), check out my friend, Anne’s, travel blog.

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